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7 Scorpions: Rebellion

7 Scorpions: Rebellion - Mike Saxton Reviewed by Lucy PireelLet me begin by saying I do not like to read dystopian novels, I mean I really dislike the genre. Okay, that said, let me now tell you that this book showed me that is not true.This book, this author, didn’t just write a dystopian novel in which some disaster has happened and people must seem to survive somehow. No, he went beyond that. Sure it is a post-apocalyptic world and humanity has to fight to survive, but there are so many well developed characters and plot lines, under-currents, twists you expect, but turn out quite different. There is no time to put this book down, or for a moment not pay attention to the action, because before you know it the roller-coaster has made a twist leaving you stunned. (Utterly believable and thoroughly enjoyed by yours truly.) No, once you start this book it has to be finished and when you are done you feel like running to the store and get the next in this series.And that is the only downside to this book. I WANT THE NEXT ONE NOW! (A good thing that is available too.)This is science-fiction, dystopian and love story come true. Oh right, it isn’t true, it’s all fiction. But so well written fiction, with so many little facts right you can believe it is reality, or could become reality.A big, fat, five stars and I challenge all who do not like dystopian books to read this and see if they disagree. To the lovers of dystopian and sci-fy, you will devour this one.