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Boneyard 11

Boneyard 11 - Linton Robinson Once again this author delivers what he promises on the first few pages. This is a tale of bad gone worse while it feels good and you can’t help but like the bad guys, because even the lowest have adorable qualities. In this book it’s the good guys that have you worried. Within the first chapter I was fully on board with the bad guys’ team, cheering them on, while I sincerely hoped that the ones who are supposed to be on the right side of the law got what they deserved. There are deep thoughts and revelations, covered in humour and violence. Some cringe worthy moments and then some that have you sigh and almost bring a tear to the eye while feeling sorry for characters.This book shows you that even the lowest of the lowest can sometimes be the best of the best, while the white knight rides a stallion black as night, or at least grey as smoke wafting up after mayhem. Yes, mayhem, beautiful and intricate mayhem, delivered with surgical precision and described as only Mr. Robinson can.This time the dark knight really is the dapper prince who saves the girl, while he really does nothing to deserve this qualification—he just is there to facilitate the main character’s internal drive—you still like him for the nice guy he is. The story hooks from the first para and drags you by the hairs through it until the end and then you wished there was more.