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Review Hell in the Kitchen by Ian Little

Hell in the Kitchen - Ian Little

The title of this book had me fooled. I thought I was going to read a comical take on life in the professional kitchen instead I was given a very rare insight in the life of a high-profile chef. And it wasn’t hard to imagine which one.

Of course it is all fictional, but so very cleverly done there were moments when I seriously doubted the fiction and wondered if I wasn’t sneakily reading a recounting of the real life events of that famous person.

All characters were alive, even the minor ones, and the scenes were so well set, I could smell and almost taste the tart. Shoot, it made me want to bake and cook and be in a kitchen. 

Not once did the book feel contrived or in any other way unreal. This is either written by someone who has done his research or he has been there and done it all. It made me chuckle and the author had me rooting for the main character, even if he’s not really a nice guy, or is he?

In the mere 106 pages this book has the author has managed to create a full arc and not once it gave me the feeling of unresolved issues.

A very pleasant read and worth of my time and money.