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Haven of Dante by Leonardo Ramirez

Haven of Dante: The Staff of Moshe - Leonardo Ramirez

A great fantasy novel, just a bit too religious for me.


After having read this fantasy novel I must say I was pleasantly surprised and annoyed at the same time.


Why? Well, the fantasy elements were very well done by this author which made it a great read, but there are some hiccups in names (mixed up at some scenes. Haven becomes Sol, Soledad becomes another name, all of that threw me out of the story). And then there are other continuity issues that were solved by ‘miracles’.


I guess that’s where my annoyance comes in play, because the miracles and explanations of certain things lean heavily on biblical references and, as you all might know, I don’t ‘do’ religion, and rarely ever read or enjoy books that are very much based on faith.


So, however great the fantasy elements are in Haven of Dante, because of the prominent religious elements this book isn’t one I’d read again.