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Haven by Celia Breslin - A Captivating First of a Series

Haven - Celia Breslin

This novel had me puzzled a few times. Is the main character a young adult or is she fully mature and just out of character youthful? Especially one remark made me think that no adult would react like that.

"They'd even taken me to Disneyland. That rocked!"

I doubt an adult, or even a young adult would still think being taken to Disneyland would 'rock' more than seeing the world and discovering things about your life that are of greater importance than a trip to Mickey land.

Apart from that the writing is solid, scenes are masterfully set and even with the occasional out of character remark or action all players are fully developed.

I am a great fan of vampire novels and have read many of them, most are run of the mill and nothing special, but this one has some interesting twists. 

I love how the action is laced with romance and interracial (human-vampire relations could be seen as interracial so just let's call it that) struggles and how it all seems believable. How ever unbelievable that may seem.

There's good vs. evil, a love interest and twists that will keep you glued to the book.

Long story short, it grabbed me, maybe not from the start but soon enough I was well into the book and had to finish it.