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For the Love of Ireland

For The Love of Ireland - Judy Leslie For the love of Ireland by Judy LeslieReviewed by Lucy PireelI must admit it took a while before I could really get into this book. At first I thought the heroine was brave, ahead of her time, soon I got irritated by her and thought she was nothing more than a swooning shell. A character which the author tried to let behave as if she were a strong, independent woman in charge of herself and her life. But reading on all suddenly fell into place. Her willfullness, swooning, surrender, it all made sense. Very cleverly done! I can’t say I rooted for her, but she did make me feel things even if most of the times I was annoyed by her, but that says more about me and my impatience with a certain kind of females and is actually a compliment to the author.The book is filled with facts which read authentic. So much so I never doubted a moment the book is based on true events while I have no idea if that is the case or not. There’s love, there’s action and characters with flesh and bones. Throw in drama, and a strong story. Mix in a few twists, an ending you never saw coming, and you have a book I eventually enjoyed to read.To whom I recommend this book? Well, anyone who has a love of historic figures, can appreciate proper research, and look for a great story.