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Love Is Never Past Tense ...

Love Is Never Past Tense... - Janna Yeshanova This book, which is based on a true story, doesn’t read as an autobiography at all. That basically sums it up I’m very happy to say so. It tells the story of the author but not by the author and in no way telling. If that makes any sense. Let me explain this a little better. This book reads as if it is pure fiction. A love story about two lives coming together and overcoming difficulties.It is peppered with facts only one who has been to the USSR can know, but not in a way that distracts from the pleasure of reading the story. They enhance the story, giving it depth and volume. The glossary in the last section of the book wasn’t used by me, because the author managed to use the foreign terminology in a way I didn’t need to look up the words to know what she meant. The scenes are set and show you life and love in Russia during the communistic regime. The characters are fully developed and real. Within the first few pages you will root for them and wish them well, while you know there is despair in their future and hope it will not happen, whatever bad luck will no doubt disturb their happiness.I will not spoil your pleasure of reading this book by revealing too much, but I do want to say this story has a happy end even if it is not fully revealed.