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Promises Kept (Khardas 1)

Promises Kept (Khardas 1) - E. Napier Promises Kept by Erika Spindle NapierReviewed by Lucy PireelThis author paints a picture so clear you easily forget it is all made up and none of the characters or countries even exists in reality. I loved how she was able to make me visualise the battle scenes, the royal court, the garments. I would even dare say I could smell the sea and feel the deck rise and fall beneath my feet. It’s al so lively and fast paced you just want to know more. Hard to put down and a joyride when the plot turns and twists unexpected while never making you lose track of the general story. There’s so much going on that you all want to see resolved, because she has you rooting for each and every character in the book. I disliked the baddies with great zeal and yet felt a twinge of sorry for the bad guys—they were just products of upbringing and circumstances. They couldn’t help themselves. But I cheered on the good guys with as much fervor. And even the ones who seemed to be bad guys were soon revealed to be on the right side which was a great relief. There was one character with no redeeming quality whatsoever, but that one got what was coming to him and I was glad he did. Often the first book in a series ends open. This however is neatly wrapped up and could stand on its own, were it not for the fact you’ve grown attached to the characters and their lives.My overall opinion? I want to read the next book in this series, and fast too.