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Angels At Midnight

Angels at Midnight - Norma Beishir Angels at Midnight by Norma BeishirReviewed by Lucy PireelI started reading this book not knowing what to expect. Soon I anticipated thrill packed action and fast romance, but however captivating written it never really delivered. Somehow it just didn’t work for me. Like I said, cleverly written dialogue and scene setting, and just that was the main reason I couldn’t really root for the characters. Often while the scene was so well shown, the action wasn’t delivered in the same pace which threw me off the story. You know when you are watching a movie and it builds up to ‘the kiss’. You expect it to come towards the end of virtually every scene and it comes only as the closing scene and you feel robbed? Don’t get me wrong, Norma Beishir is a talented writer who is capable of breathing life in scenes and characters, but this book is, in my opinion, a very nice no-brainer to read while you’re basking in the sun after a night of heavy partying. And if that is what you want to pack as holiday luggage, I can certainly recommend this book.All in all? If you are looking for an easy read and you don’t mind having to wait for something you can see coming from the get go, this is the book to pack on your next beach holiday.