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Fables of the Reconstruction

Fables of the Reconstruction - Hunter S. Jones This is the first publication by Hunter S. Jones, and as such it's not bad at all. She has come up with an original take on the traditional zombie gore.I had no idea what to expect from an erotic tale starring zombies. To my surprise I was pleasantly entertained. It is both a story of lust as well as one of love, or is it possession? It's wickedly short--read in a jiiffy--maybe a bit too short, because when it's over, it leaves you with a feeling that there should be more. I would say, "Hunter, give us part two!"On the downside, the story begins with a prologue that needs not be there in my opinion, but once past that and the real story takes off, there's fun to be had. It's just that the fun could have been even more explicitly described than the writer did. Sometimes you feel robbed of an experience while on the other hand there's a bit too much told, which I'd rather lived through, submerged in the story rather than only reading it outside in.