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Review According to Luke by Rosanne Dingly

According to Luke by Rosanne Dingly

Reviewed by Lucy Pireel


Amazing, captivating and very well researched. 

First let me tell you I am not unversed in Catholicism. Not that this book is religious, but its plot revolves around an issue which is very important to the Church. As a non-Catholic it made me look up references which are dropped in the story to see if they hold up. Let me tell you this writer has done her job. Not only on the religious, biblical and general spiritual matters, but also on the down to earth day to day things such as travel and knowledge of locations.

Yes, this is an author who is thorough, not only in research, but in editing and continuity. Her story telling abilities combined with a surefire way of captivating even the not in the least religious reader is a guarantee for success. 

This is not only a mystery, it is a love story, a detective, a crime novel as well as a historic document. I was captivated the entire 391 pages!  

At the end there is a mention of the author’s use of facts. I was amazed at how one thing I took for true was actually made up, while the rest of it read as truth and is actually pure fiction!

I would say this is a job well done, a book well worth your time and money if you love suspense, mystery, crime and romance.