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The Division of the Damned by Richard Rhys Jones

The Division of the Damned - Richard Rhys Jones

This book about World War II and vampires is so different from what I expected it to be. Finally vampires how they should be, blood-thirsty, semi-mindless, human hunting monsters. Controlled by a Master.

It is set during WWII on the Russian front. When I started this book I was ready to hate the German SS monsters and cheer on the vamps for getting them. I was unsure how to feel about the Russians. Both groups were almost equally brutal during that period, although the Germans, in my opinion, deserved a swarm of Vampires to devour them. But then this author does that thing with his characters, he gives them redeemable qualities, very redeemable even. Ack! What now? I actually gotten to like the poor SS soldiers and the Russians! How very cleverly done. No, clever isn’t the right word, skilled it is. Yes, this is an author who knows how to draw you in and feel for each and every character in the book, even the minor ones.

So, I read on and it gets better with every page, chapter after chapter there’s details, emotions, scenes and it all comes alive. You feel you are there with the humans and even the monsters have something that makes you want to ..., well, not save them, but you don’t wish them the worst either!

Everything is worked out to perfection. There’s enough to jog your mind into imagining things, there’s no over-description, and not once do you feel you’ve been left wanting more. It is simply perfect. This book reads as if it’s the real memories of someone who’s lived through the war to tell the tale.

And I’m not giving away any twists or turns, but you will be surprised. In a very good way!

(I have not received any kind of compensation for this review.)