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An American Detective in London by Tom conrad

An American Detective in London (a short story) - Tom Conrad, Carrion House

Reviewed by Lucy Pireel


This short story read like a train on a fast track to its final destination, only never to arrive there. And that was my only gripe with it.

I loved how I immediately got sucked into the story. How the characters came alive from the moment they appeared for the first time, even the ones that don’t really make an appearance. What I really didn’t like was the fact that it has no end. That this is merely a prelude to more, the more being the full length novel about the main character’s adventures in the big city.

A shame really, where the author could have chosen to give us a full story with a proper end, he chose the leave the end semi-open, even ending it with a “To be continued”.

End verdict? Great read, but I still felt cheated by the author and his way of trying to hook us for his novel to come. When a fully rounded out short story would have done the same thing. Correction, a short story with a complete arc would have done the job even better, because I really, really do not like to be reeled in like this.