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The Author's Guide To Working With Book Bloggers

The Author's Guide To Working With Book Bloggers (Building Blocks to Author Success Series) - Barb Drozdowich, Gwynnith Smith

This is a on-fiction book meant for, the title is a dead giveaway, authors, and as such I really enjoyed reading it seeing I’m an author. But I’m also a book blogger and I was impressed with how accurate this author, she doesn’t think she is, but this little book has just proven her wrong, can spin a yarn, a non-fictional one.

She gives authors the perfect insight in the book blogger’s psyche, as well as tips on how to befriend us and make the most of that friendship.

Her way of repeating certain things is done in a way to drive the message home and never feels pushy or over the top. Instead her way of steering authors toward a more personal approach of us bloggers was a much needed thing. As is the chapter she devoted to the reviews which are left by us, the book bloggers, and how authors should handle those, even if they are not what they hoped for.

All in all, a book every author should read before trying their luck on the book bloggers trail.