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Sheeple by Austin Charles

Sheeple - Austin Charles

I looked forward reading this book, but I when started reading I soon was glad it is only 86 pages. I wasn’t sure if it was meant to be erotic, humour, or horror. Or if it was meant as a spoof.

The horror was B-movie worthy. So bad it was funny, but I’m not sure that was what the author had in mind when writing it. There are a few very well worded, and described gory scenes, but one in particular is diminished by the fact that it’s followed by an inconsistency. 

The erotic elements were very well done I must say, which made me think that this should really be classified as erotica. Then there were the inconsistencies, holes, facts gotten wrong, and continuity issues. At one point the mc left another character in his office (the most northern corner of the house) and the next day she’s supposed to be in the basement, or the mc has sex with another in the house and  another, present in the house, doesn’t even suspect it? 

Then at the end there is an oversight so big that it distracted from what could have been a bit unreal, but good ending. Plus it has all the cliche used in Hollywood horror; car doesn’t start, characters go towards to danger instead of running away, etc.


Overall? If I hadn’t been asked to read for review I wouldn’t have finished this book.