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Review The Crimson and The Frost by James Coletti

The Crimson and the Frost - John         Williams, James Colletti, Kip Ayers

I don not like gooey Christmas stories, and I’m glad to say this is everything but that! Right from the first sentence it grabbed me, hook, line, and sinker. I read it twice with great joy, and have no remarks on it other than it made me laugh, hold my breath in anxiety, and sigh in relief. This book has humour, suspense, moments that instil a sense of urgency, and moments that allow for a breather. All paced expertly, and obviously written by a very skilled author.

The dialogue is great, very realistic and age appropriate. The child talks like how a kid would, while the adults behave accordingly too. The elves? Ha, wonderful, and exactly how I would imagine elves to be. And Santa? Well, he was a surprise, a very welcome one too. 

All the scenes were set properly, while still leaving enough to the imagination of the reader. The characters are all fully developed, and have a growth in them one would expect in a story with this message.

I won’t give away the plot, but if you have a child that’s a bit spoiled, or selfish, read this Christmas story with them and have fun with it. The spirit of Christmas is in this book, and it is wrapped up in a very pleasant way.