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Review Differential Equations by Julian Iragorri and Lou Aronica

Differential Equations - Julian Iragorri;Lou Aronica

I had trouble getting into this book. Don’t get me wrong it is skilfully written, it’s just the stories of four different characters in one book seemed too disjointed to me, Not until very late in the book it kind of makes sense, but by then I already was struggling to read on. Never once the book really captured my full attention.

So even if the writing is solid, scenes very well set and characters alive, and fully formed, I couldn’t get into it and was glad when I finally finished reading the book. 

Maybe if there had been more, or better foreshadowing to certain interlinking elements between the separate stories I would have been captured instead of distracted. Just when I was well into Alex’s story, Dro, Vidente, or Khaled took me out of it because they just don’t mesh in the beginning and it just takes too long to get to the point when it does makes sense.

The four stories flow slow and are more focussed on character than actions, which, to me, made it too slow to make me want to keep reading. That and the fact that for a long time it seems as if you are actually reading four books at once that have nothing to do with each other that put me off, and no amount of craftsmanship can make up for the lack of a compelling story.