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The Ultimate Inferior Beings by Mark Roman

The Ultimate Inferior Beings - Mark  Roman

I love laughing out loud when I read a funny book, that is if there's anything to laugh about. Unfortunately this book didn't even manage to get the smallest of smiles out of me. I had hoped it would be like Hitchhikers Guide, because that's what the title and cover reminded me of, but alas it came nowhere near that masterpiece.


Don't get me wrong it is decent in its writing, but for example, there's a lot of x'es, so much it feels contrived. There's a lot of 'badaboom' jokes that don't really work for me, and then there's the plot that to be honest takes a few tours into the unbelievable, asking more than a lot from the suspension of disbelieve.


On the other hand there's the sci-fi elements that work amazingly well. I could get into that side of the book, apart form the ending, but that's a whole other part of my review, I'll get to that later. The sci-fi elements are believable and in no way too far fetched. Technology and human interest work well together if not for the silly, falling flat jokes.


And then there's the ending that, again to me, felt like a cop out. All in all, I'm not quite sure what to say, like, or dislike? I guess this is very much a matter of taste, because technically there's not much 'wrong', but still I wouldn't recommend it or read more of this author.